Thai Yoga Training

In this workshop you will learn how to give a full 90 minute Thai Yoga Massage that you can use to work with your clients and students to help: Achieve their health goals, While improving your own posture, Improving body mechanics and energy.

Business Is Bliss

Feeling overwhelmed with your business?

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"Almost one month ago I took an intensive week long Thai Yoga Massage training lead by Celeste Obrien. In the weeks that followed I have been able to finally pursue my dreams of starting my own Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage business. Her training provided me with not only the techniques, sequences, history, philosophy, mind-set/intention of Thai Yoga Massage, but also the confidence to honor my instincts and feel what is right for each client in order to meet their individual needs. Her practical business coaching and advice has given me the backbone to break free from my desk job and finally be able to do what I love. Healing others with loving kindness is a concept that has truly resonated in my heart. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling way to make a living, and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunities that Celeste and this training have provided in my life. As I complete my practice/clinical hours with various friends and family it had become so apparent to me how powerful this practice really is. TYM has not only changed my life, but has the power to change the lives of those around you. Don't miss the opportunity of a life time."

-Emily Mead